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When Katie of Aplus reached out to me about doing a sustainable styling Instagram series featuring my clients, I jumped at the idea!   www.aplus.com — is a news organization owned by Ashton Kutcher and Chicken Soup for the Soul. A Plus is an online-only news organization that focuses on positive and solutions-based journalism.   

In order to create the looks, I utilized each client's digital lookbook from their most recent "Edit + Style" session with me to virtually pick out the outfits for their photo shoots.   Once I had the base look, I refreshed it with pieces from Rent The Runway to add a spring feel to each.  As most of my clients know, I'm a huge fan of renting as it gives you access to designers and styles that you may not purchase but want to try out for fun.  

Next up we scheduled separate photo shoots for everyone with the photographer Katie. With the amazing help of my assistants, we were able to pull it all off!  Fun Fact: I was working during the shoot with Julie and Marcus, so my assistants sent me photos and video updates for my final approval #teamwork. 

Special thank you to my clients: Julie, Claudia, and Marcus for agreeing to do this shoot and being fabulous models!! :) Also a shout out to my assistants Tiana and Shanice.  You were essential for helping make this happen, I appreciate all that you do.  

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Behind The Scene Photos!!!! 

The Universal Starter Kit


Beginning the new year and don't know where, to begin with, your wardrobe?  Universal Standard has you covered with their version of the capsule wardrobe.  It's called the "Starter Kit", which comes in 2 tiers: 4 pieces or 8 pieces with the size range of 10-28. All you have to do is select the color and size you want then you are good to go.  

 In between sizes? Universal Standard has a fantastic program called "Universal Fit Liberty" that it allows women to swap out an item for another size, up or down, within the first year of purchase at no additional cost.

This is an ideal way to basically have a capsule wardrobe delivered to your front door.  On top of that, they show you photo examples of outfit ideas. I meannn, what's not to love?

                                        4 of the 20 Universal Standard starter kit outfit suggestions

                                        4 of the 20 Universal Standard starter kit outfit suggestions

It's fantastic when companies like @universalstandard  embrace the value of quality clothing without excess.  It shows that sustainability is more than just buying excess vintage clothing. It's also about mixing and matching to create more than one outfit (as you may know, that's my jam).  

This month I will be hosting a curvy styling event on January 25th at 6-8PM at their gorgeous new showroom.  I went to see it last month, and you need to experience it yourself.  Champagne, clothing and styling help all in one place!  I would love to meet and style you. 

Yours in style,


Styling Workshop Flyer.jpg

StyleClosetLife X Universal Standard Curvy Style Event


Get your tickets HERE

Client Spotlight : Ebony


I don't like to brag much, unless it's about my fabulous clients.  This is Ebony Fagbuyi, she is a self defined "German Xennial" (micro-generation between Gen X and Millenials) with Nigerian roots based in Berlin, Germany. 

She is a an entrepreneur of not one, but two coaching businesses of which one focuses on personal guidance and the other is geared towards spiritual development.  Ebony in her spare time loves to travel the world and help others in whichever way that she can. 

We worked together purely thorough Skype, email and online styling look books to bring her vision for rebranding image launch photoshoot come to life.  For this feature, I asked her to share more about her styling experience that we had together. 

What makes you jump out of bed to do what you do?

My vision for my own life and the positive impact I can have when I do the things I am called to do. Knowing that somebody else’s life gets better when I show up and contribute, invest and add value to others, is my fuel for the morning. I am a firm believer that each day is a gift and I am curious what the day holds. 

What was your favorite part about working with Angela

Our Skype sessions to try on the outfits, was my favorite part. Angela has a way to empower and to be candid with care. She would go through my wardrobe with me, pick the clothes we needed for the photo shoot and take pictures of the outfits we agreed upon.

During that time she was very patient and laid back, which helped me to not stress out. Even through a digital device Angela could transmit her professionalism and expertise while being relatable. It was almost as if she was in my room. 


Over the past years my schedule got very busy and picking an outfit for my speaking, travels, events, etc. became a burden.

I did not expect that my sleeping love for fashion would have been awakened through working with Angela. 

What did you personally get out of your styling sessions that you didn't expect? 

Another confidence: One day I was invited to a TV recording to be in the audience. I had Angela’s outfit collection she prepared for me on my phone and I combined my pieces by what I had learned from her. I caught myself asking: “what would Angela say to this outfit?” Off I went with another kind of confidence to this show.

Upon arrival, while I was about to get my entrance ticket, I was picked out by the event company staff to be part of the show. I believe that Angela’s styling sessions made a difference in my appearance that day to be picked among over 1.000 people out there. 


Get Social with Ebony:

Website: www.ebonyfagbuyi.com

Instagram: instagram.com/ebonyfagbuyi

Find Your Style Ritual

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit right?  Well, you are one step ahead because you already get dressed every day.  The definition of a ritual is "any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner". For us, a style ritual adds special moments to a normally mindless aspect of your day. 

Replace the morning dread of not knowing what you are going to wear with calm ease of discovering how you will display your style for the day.  Let's make picking out your outfit unique. You get to make it however you want.  Here are suggestions to get the ball rolling: 

  • Create a music playlist (morning + evening)
  • Get up a little earlier to drink coffee/tea before getting dressed
  • Light a candle or incense
  • Meditate
  • Browse Pinterest or Instagram (ahem: styleclosetlife)

This is a perfect avenue to slip self-care into your busy schedule every day.  You know we love our self-care here.  It's important because you are!

Yours in sustainable style,


Easy Ways Mix Vintage With Modern Clothing


Wearing vintage does not have to be intimidating.  You can start learning how to mix it into your current wardrobe with just a few baby steps.  Wearing head to toe vintage is not everyone's jam nor does it have to be the main goal.  Here are some basic ways to incorporate vintage into your daily outfits. 

Make it the standout piece: Vintage coats are a great way to do this.  You can wear your outfit just as you normally would, but top it with a standout vintage denim jacket. The commitment is strong, yet subtle. 

Pair it with your usual uniform:  My favorite way to wear vintage is to add it to our favorite casual outfit.  This allows you to feel less like a costume and more like yourself when you are wearing it. For example, wear your usual jeans and tee shirt weekend outfit, but switch out those skinny jeans for vintage Levi 501's. 

Replace a basic piece with a vintage one: Instead of wearing your cotton tank top, pull out your vintage sequin top instead.  Keep the rest of the outfit as per usual. 

I hope this helps you dip your toes into wearing vintage pieces.

Yours in sustainable style,



Old Clothes, New Life: Uneven Frayed Jeans

Source: Dear Frances 

Source: Dear Frances 

If you want to bring new life to your jeans, all you need are a pair of scissors and a non perfectionist hand.  No really, it's ok to not have an even cutting of the hems.

  1. Lay out your jeans flat on an even surface
  2. Measure or just eye the amount of hem you want to cut
  3. Cut away the excess.  (You can cut the front higher than the back, or visa versa)
  4. Throw in the wash to create the fray
  5. Put them on and get ready for all the compliments 

Using Moodboards For Vintage Shopping

Have you found yourself in a thrift store with intentions of finding the perfect pieces that all your friends will envy, only to leave with nothing but a headache from being overwhelmed by it all? And on top of that, little to zero clothes?  No worries, this happens to the best of us.  

I have a simple suggestion to help you have a game plan the next time you go: 

Create a mood board.  It will help you spot out pieces that you are looking for without having to go through every item in the store while adding to your vintage clothing stash! 

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 9.57.03 AM.png

1. Hop on Pinterest to find the pieces or outfits that make you swoon. Create a board and pin away.

Styleclosetlife Moodboard.jpg

2. Decide on a color palette for said style mood board.  This helps you hone in on certain sections in a store. Find your colors, find your pieces. 

3. Save the moodboard image on your phone. Go to your vintage store and find those sustainable wardrobe gems! 

Next time you are out shopping have your mood board in hand (aka on your phone) to make your shopping experience more successful! 

Yours in sustainable style,




Free Your Mind : Closet Clarity

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Closet clarity is a mindset. When you know what you love and that it already exists in your wardrobe. Picture this: You wake up in the morning to get dressed, knowing that your clothes are not only organized and put away in an orderly manner; you know that it reflects clearly who you are at that moment. That's a woosa moment for the win!

There is something special about being able to go through a rack in a store and definitively know what works for you. Being mindful of where you like to bend the fashion constraints and clarity of the other places where you are more restrictive.  Get rid of the rest. YOU don't need it because YOU know what you want. 

You know what this saves you? Mind space. When you take the time to learn what works for you, editing while shopping at a vintage store becomes so simple. Getting dressed for the day becomes a pleasure, and (omg) actually enjoyable!  Less frustration, more easing into the day.

This is what I want for all of you. Only you know what's for you. Tuning into your personal style is just the tip of the journey. I am happy you are here to join me. 

Yours in sustainable style,


#Self Care: What's in your tool kit?


I don't know if you felt it, but this past mercury retrograde was a doozy. I was calling in ALL KINDS of patience, mindful practices and touch bases with my tribe to make sure I could process it all. It was rough, yet much needed to clarify where we as a collective need to focus our energies. 

Doing that reminded me of the utter necessity to have a "tool kit" of sorts to make sure you are filling your cup back up to handle the daily situations that come up for us.  In fact, this was an exercise that we did at the #GetFreeNewYork workshop held by Melinda Alexander (aka MuMu Mansion) this past June. <3 <3 We all shared our tools, so let's do it here now:   

  • Prayer and mediation
  • Listen to my favorite playlists that bring me back to my soul
  • Singing out loud
  • Lighting palo santo or sage to clear my space/self
  • Walking the pups without my headphones or phone with me
  • Asking for hugs from my girlfriend
  • Focused stretching, I use the StretchIt App 
  • Dancing (take a class or even light a candle and dance in the dark)
  • Writing in my journal
  • Playing my Tibetan singing bowl
  • Netflix and chill alone
  • Face Time my close friends

I keep an tangible list close to me, because sometimes when you are going through it you forget what makes you feel better.  Instead of wallowing in your fears (not real by the way), remember to treat yourself with a dose of kindness.  Your future self will thank you. 

What are some of your favorite ways to bring you back into calm alignment? Share a photo of one your self care tool kit practices at tag us on Instagram #SCLselfcare

Photos by: Raydene Salinas