Easy Ways Mix Vintage With Modern Clothing


Wearing vintage does not have to be intimidating.  You can start learning how to mix it into your current wardrobe with just a few baby steps.  Wearing head to toe vintage is not everyone's jam nor does it have to be the main goal.  Here are some basic ways to incorporate vintage into your daily outfits. 

Make it the standout piece: Vintage coats are a great way to do this.  You can wear your outfit just as you normally would, but top it with a standout vintage denim jacket. The commitment is strong, yet subtle. 

Pair it with your usual uniform:  My favorite way to wear vintage is to add it to our favorite casual outfit.  This allows you to feel less like a costume and more like yourself when you are wearing it. For example, wear your usual jeans and tee shirt weekend outfit, but switch out those skinny jeans for vintage Levi 501's. 

Replace a basic piece with a vintage one: Instead of wearing your cotton tank top, pull out your vintage sequin top instead.  Keep the rest of the outfit as per usual. 

I hope this helps you dip your toes into wearing vintage pieces.

Yours in sustainable style,