#Self Care: What's in your tool kit?


I don't know if you felt it, but this past mercury retrograde was a doozy. I was calling in ALL KINDS of patience, mindful practices and touch bases with my tribe to make sure I could process it all. It was rough, yet much needed to clarify where we as a collective need to focus our energies. 

Doing that reminded me of the utter necessity to have a "tool kit" of sorts to make sure you are filling your cup back up to handle the daily situations that come up for us.  In fact, this was an exercise that we did at the #GetFreeNewYork workshop held by Melinda Alexander (aka MuMu Mansion) this past June. <3 <3 We all shared our tools, so let's do it here now:   

  • Prayer and mediation
  • Listen to my favorite playlists that bring me back to my soul
  • Singing out loud
  • Lighting palo santo or sage to clear my space/self
  • Walking the pups without my headphones or phone with me
  • Asking for hugs from my girlfriend
  • Focused stretching, I use the StretchIt App 
  • Dancing (take a class or even light a candle and dance in the dark)
  • Writing in my journal
  • Playing my Tibetan singing bowl
  • Netflix and chill alone
  • Face Time my close friends

I keep an tangible list close to me, because sometimes when you are going through it you forget what makes you feel better.  Instead of wallowing in your fears (not real by the way), remember to treat yourself with a dose of kindness.  Your future self will thank you. 

What are some of your favorite ways to bring you back into calm alignment? Share a photo of one your self care tool kit practices at tag us on Instagram #SCLselfcare

Photos by: Raydene Salinas