Client Spotlight : Ebony


I don't like to brag much, unless it's about my fabulous clients.  This is Ebony Fagbuyi, she is a self defined "German Xennial" (micro-generation between Gen X and Millenials) with Nigerian roots based in Berlin, Germany. 

She is a an entrepreneur of not one, but two coaching businesses of which one focuses on personal guidance and the other is geared towards spiritual development.  Ebony in her spare time loves to travel the world and help others in whichever way that she can. 

We worked together purely thorough Skype, email and online styling look books to bring her vision for rebranding image launch photoshoot come to life.  For this feature, I asked her to share more about her styling experience that we had together. 

What makes you jump out of bed to do what you do?

My vision for my own life and the positive impact I can have when I do the things I am called to do. Knowing that somebody else’s life gets better when I show up and contribute, invest and add value to others, is my fuel for the morning. I am a firm believer that each day is a gift and I am curious what the day holds. 

What was your favorite part about working with Angela

Our Skype sessions to try on the outfits, was my favorite part. Angela has a way to empower and to be candid with care. She would go through my wardrobe with me, pick the clothes we needed for the photo shoot and take pictures of the outfits we agreed upon.

During that time she was very patient and laid back, which helped me to not stress out. Even through a digital device Angela could transmit her professionalism and expertise while being relatable. It was almost as if she was in my room. 


Over the past years my schedule got very busy and picking an outfit for my speaking, travels, events, etc. became a burden.

I did not expect that my sleeping love for fashion would have been awakened through working with Angela. 

What did you personally get out of your styling sessions that you didn't expect? 

Another confidence: One day I was invited to a TV recording to be in the audience. I had Angela’s outfit collection she prepared for me on my phone and I combined my pieces by what I had learned from her. I caught myself asking: “what would Angela say to this outfit?” Off I went with another kind of confidence to this show.

Upon arrival, while I was about to get my entrance ticket, I was picked out by the event company staff to be part of the show. I believe that Angela’s styling sessions made a difference in my appearance that day to be picked among over 1.000 people out there. 


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