The Universal Starter Kit


Beginning the new year and don't know where, to begin with, your wardrobe?  Universal Standard has you covered with their version of the capsule wardrobe.  It's called the "Starter Kit", which comes in 2 tiers: 4 pieces or 8 pieces with the size range of 10-28. All you have to do is select the color and size you want then you are good to go.  

 In between sizes? Universal Standard has a fantastic program called "Universal Fit Liberty" that it allows women to swap out an item for another size, up or down, within the first year of purchase at no additional cost.

This is an ideal way to basically have a capsule wardrobe delivered to your front door.  On top of that, they show you photo examples of outfit ideas. I meannn, what's not to love?

                                        4 of the 20 Universal Standard starter kit outfit suggestions

                                        4 of the 20 Universal Standard starter kit outfit suggestions

It's fantastic when companies like @universalstandard  embrace the value of quality clothing without excess.  It shows that sustainability is more than just buying excess vintage clothing. It's also about mixing and matching to create more than one outfit (as you may know, that's my jam).  

This month I will be hosting a curvy styling event on January 25th at 6-8PM at their gorgeous new showroom.  I went to see it last month, and you need to experience it yourself.  Champagne, clothing and styling help all in one place!  I would love to meet and style you. 

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StyleClosetLife X Universal Standard Curvy Style Event


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