Aplus Instagram Series || Client Feature

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When Katie of Aplus reached out to me about doing a sustainable styling Instagram series featuring my clients, I jumped at the idea!   www.aplus.com — is a news organization owned by Ashton Kutcher and Chicken Soup for the Soul. A Plus is an online-only news organization that focuses on positive and solutions-based journalism.   

In order to create the looks, I utilized each client's digital lookbook from their most recent "Edit + Style" session with me to virtually pick out the outfits for their photo shoots.   Once I had the base look, I refreshed it with pieces from Rent The Runway to add a spring feel to each.  As most of my clients know, I'm a huge fan of renting as it gives you access to designers and styles that you may not purchase but want to try out for fun.  

Next up we scheduled separate photo shoots for everyone with the photographer Katie. With the amazing help of my assistants, we were able to pull it all off!  Fun Fact: I was working during the shoot with Julie and Marcus, so my assistants sent me photos and video updates for my final approval #teamwork. 

Special thank you to my clients: Julie, Claudia, and Marcus for agreeing to do this shoot and being fabulous models!! :) Also a shout out to my assistants Tiana and Shanice.  You were essential for helping make this happen, I appreciate all that you do.  

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Behind The Scene Photos!!!!