Style Closet Life: The Rebrand


I have gone through numerous transformations in my fashion styling career and always come home to the love of style, vintage shopping and editing my wardrobe to only be made of pieces that I love.

Working in an industry where I collaborated with teams of stylists and marketers while sitting in meetings to figure out how to get clients to purchase more each month was, to be honest, exhausting. 

Although it seemed like I had an endless wardrobe, I was always wearing the same pieces just in different ways every day.  On top of that, I mainly bought my clothes at vintage and thrift shops. 

So here I was pushing for my clients to buy this brand new “essential” top while in the back of my mind I knew they may not need it or could get it at a much lower cost to the earth and their bank account. 

I want my readers and clients to cut through the style lists and workbooks, get dressed and LIVE.

If you had the time to do the "30 days to ________ style guide", I’m sure you would have done it already.  No more style types, body types, rules…it doesn’t matter.  If you love it, wear it. 

Listen, you have permission.  No more glazed stares at worksheets or saved articles to review when you “have time” and want to go through your wardrobe.  Our style is not contained within a box or list, it’s perfectly fine to get dressed “outside of the lines” just get down to the clothes you actually love to wear. This can only be discovered by removing the excess pieces.  It’s not that complicated unless you want it to be.

I hope you like to new look and feel of Style Closet Life! 

Yours in sustainable style,