Let go of the stress of getting dressed

Did you know that on average, 20% of the clothing in a persons closet is worn on a regular basis? That means the remaining 80% of clothing either is not your style, doesn't fit and is taking up valuable space (mentally & literally)!

 I help you take your 20% to 100%.  I guide my clients through their closet clutter, pulling out their best pieces leading to the discovery of what makes their outfits stand out.

With my direction as your personal stylist, you will have multiple outfits to choose from and a defined style that makes getting ready a breeze every day. 

Now go conquer the world!


What are the benefits of a minimalist wardrobe? 

No more rules

Imagine no longer feeling like you have to co-sign on every new trend each season because you know your color palette and personal style by heart.

know what you own

Say goodbye to the days of buying a piece, only to get home to find you already have the exact same one hidden in your dresser.  

mix + match like a pro

With a minimalist wardrobe, you have a foundation of pieces that can be worn multiple ways by mixing them with clothing + accessories from designer rental services, vintage shopping or custom made clothing lines.