The lookbook is awesome—I printed it so I can take it with me when shopping :) I also sold a bunch of clothes and used the money to buy a couple gap-fillers in my closet. [Edit + Style Session]
— Julie
“It’s honestly the most cathartic experience and a great way to re-create a wardrobe, with what’s in your closet. It’s a luxury that I highly HIGHLY recommend and loved!” [Edit + Style Session]
— Elenor

Angela is amazing. She knew when to step in and help and when to step back and let you do your own thing. With her guidance, I was able to step out of my comfort zone a little with my style and find some things that ended up being perfect that I wouldn’t have even tried on my own.
[Vintage Shop Tour]
— Ria
“Angela is great! Always responds quickly and finds what I am looking for, I love having my own personal stylist. I am on a budget so she does her best to meet my needs.”
[On Demand Stylist]
— Angela

“My access to a personal shopper is very limited due to my location and transportation availability. I feel like we accomplished the same results in a fraction of the time as if we were to do this in person. Having the ability to work with you online, on opposite sides of the country, and to experience such great results is wonderful!”
[On Demand Stylist]
— Julie